14 Hills

14 Hils

We are proud to have recently installed a beautifully outside terrace bar at 14 Hills London.

The glamorous restaurant really wanted to make use of their fantastic terrace & panoramic views by adding a bespoke concept bar.

An in house manufactured stunning bar, complete with hanging wine glass rack. 

Look forward to working with you again. 


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What’s the best way to display your bar’s wine collection?

It’s Christmastime and if there’s one thing adults love more than presents, it’s wine. Whether it’s mulled, sparkling or straight from the bottle, wine is going to go down well during this festive period, but what is the best way to display your bar’s wine collection? Concept has listed some of our favourite ways to showcase or shelter your finest reds and whites. 

Bold lighting

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Behind the bar

In a bar, the most important place in the venue is behind the counter. It is the place where all the magic happens, and a mixologist’s window to the world. 

The back bar is significant to the experience the customer receives, no one wants to be given a wrong order, a flat pint, a smeared glass or a fruit garnish with a fly on. 

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